2018 Commonwealth Games Challenge

The Commonwealth Games Challenge has been developed to celebrate the Commonwealth Games that is being held on the Gold Coast from 4-15 April this year, and the Challenge is for all Guides and their Leaders.

This Challenge was first suggested by several GGQLD leaders and through negotiations with the Office of the Commonwealth Games we have been given permission to use the “Embracing 2018” logo with the GGA logo for the badge.   The Embracing 2018 Legacy Program for GC2018 will build active, engaged and inclusive communities by motivating people to move more, value their health, and be active for life.

Four elements make up the Commonwealth Games Challenge which are:

  • Physical
  • People
  • Practival
  • Self

Each element has several challenges and Guides and Leaders can choose which challenges to do in order to obtain the badge.  Some challenges can be completed in patrols but some are more individual in nature.

To earn a  badge:

  • Guides aged 5-9 years old complete one challenge from each of the four elements plus one of their choice. The badge can be received after the completion of three challenges.
  • Guides aged 9-17 years old and adults complete two challenges from each of the four elements plus one of their choice. The badge can be received after the completion of five challenges.

Badges for girls and leaders completing the Challenge will be available from the retail shops and may be worn on the sash (top at the back) for 2018.

To download the Commonwealth Games Challenge Brochure click HERE