As a Girl –
Girls just like you can join your nearest Girl Guide Unit at any time of the year! We love showing new girls all of the fun and exciting things we do at Girl Guides. Before you join, you can even visit a Guide  Unit for two weeks to see if you like it first.
Unit Activities

Most Girl Guides meet once week for about two hours as a Guide Unit. The Guide Unit has other girls your age who work together in small groups called ‘Patrols’. The Unit also has special Guide Leaders who help make sure you have a great time at Girl Guides.
Every meeting you will get to try something new.
You might:
* Play games
*Make things
*Learn a skill
* Explore the outdoors
* Help others
* Plan your next Guide adventure.. and much more!
Guide meetings are heaps of fun and you make lots of new friends. We even get the chance to join other Girl Guides from around the Northern Territory, Australia and the world at special events, overnight activities and camps.

For more information or to join if you would like more information contact us via email on or by phone on 08 8981 3628.  If you would like to join us you can fill in a youth membership form with your parent or guardian.

Why Girl Guides?

There are many after school activities available for girls — Girl Guides offers girls aged five to 17 something unique: access to a great variety of activities throughout the year. Our organisation is part of Girl Guides Australia, one of 146 member countries in the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS). This means we share the ideals and resources of 10 million members worldwide, and members have the chance to experience international events, projects and friendships.

What’s on offer for my daughter?

Variety is the key word. She will enjoy a weekly meeting during the school term with girls in her age group. Meetings combine games, outdoor activities, craft, cooking, environment awareness and more, including camping, all tailored to her age and experience. There’s also the chance to meet other girls at local, state and national events, help people in her community, and train in boating and other outdoor skills. What will this cost? Girl Guides NT is a not for profit organisation and keeps fees as low as possible. Membership in 2017 is $120. This payment also covers insurance. Each term your daughter’s Unit will ask for a small fee to cover activity and venue costs.

What about the uniform?

Girl Guides wear a uniform, redesigned in 2010 and popular with the girls. The uniform creates a strong identity and awareness of Guiding in our community. Uniform costs are kept low to suit all families.

How do the meetings run? As well as working with their Leader, girls work in small groups learning about teamwork. They run the group themselves – each taking a role – and plan and evaluate their own activities.

Are there educational benefits?

The Australian Guide Program helps foster leadership and life skills and gives girls from age 14 and young women opportunities for formal training and mentoring.

What are the social benefits? Girl Guides will give your daughter the chance to be herself and grow in self-confidence. She will also have fun with other girls and form lasting friendships.

Why is Girl Guides for girls only?

Research shows that girls at single gender schools have more self-worth than those in mixed gender schools, and tend to be more independent and more positive about their gender. In a mixed group, girls often take a subordinate role in physical activities and may not assert their opinions or compete with boys for leadership positions.

What are the organisation’s values?

Girl Guides is a values-based organisation with a code of ethics. A girl makes the Guide Promise (see over) when she becomes a Girl Guide. This affirms her responsibility to do her best for her community and herself. She follows the Guide Law (see over), which focuses on caring for others and the environment. Girl Guides give service to the community. They learn to make a difference, and to respect cultures different to their own. They raise funds for organisations like children’s hospitals and zoos; and help at events such as ANZAC Day and Clean Up Australia Day.

Who will be in charge of my daughter?

Guide Leaders are women 18 and over who are adult members of Girl Guides. They are volunteers who have been trained to work with girls and to deliver the Australian Guide Program. All Leaders have undergone a child safety check—many started off as Girl Guides themselves.

Can girls with special needs belong?

Girl Guides is a place where all girls can have fun, make close friends and develop skills. The program is adapted as needed. How can I find out more? See our website, or contact us on the number below.

Girl Guides 08 8981 3628