Get Involved

Interested in becoming a Girl Guide in the Northern Territory?

Girls just like you can join your nearest Girl Guide Unit at any time of the year! We love showing new girls all of the fun and exciting things we do at Girl Guides.  Before you join, you can even visit a Guide unit for two weeks to see if you like it first.

Unit Activities

Most Girl Guides meet once  week for about two hours as a Guide Unit.  The Guide Unit has other girls your age who work together in small groups called ‘Patrols’.  The Unit also has special Guide Leaders who help make sure you have a great time at Girl Guides.5f3241_941dc18545344ff7a0c42ac42812a33c

Every meeting you will get to try something new.

You might:

  • Play games
  • Make things
  • Learn a skill
  • Explore the outdoors
  • Help others
  • Plan your next Guide adventure.. and much more!

Guide meetings are heaps of fun and you make lots of new friends. We even get the chance to join other Girl Guides from around the Northern Territory, Australia and the world at special events, overnight activities and camps.

We Need Volunteers!

Our core program is designed to develop leadership skills for girls and young women aged 5 – 17 years. Challenges and meaningful community service stimulates self-discovery and allows girls to develop their skills and self confidence.

We open up a new way for girls to become a vital part of their community through the leadership skills acquired through the program. As a volunteer organisation we are reliant on our members and supporters to provide their time and expertise to deliver the Australian Guide Program. We sincerely thank all the volunteers for their extraordinary loyalty and the support which they give to girls and young women.

Volunteers are the backbone of the Guiding movement! In order to provide girls with a vast array of opportunities we are constantly looking to provide opportunities that make volunteering more inviting and to support our volunteers in other aspects of their lives.

Volunteering with Girl Guides NT provides women with an opportunity to give back and share their wealth of experience to girls who will be tomorrow’s Leaders.

We encourge you to take a look at what being a volunteer with Girl Guides NT can offer and we hope that you will be inspired to be a part of this world-wide movement.

The Australian Guide Program –

The Australian Guide Program (AGP) is a values-based, leadership and life skills program with an outdoors focus.

For more information or to join
if you would like more information contact us via email on or by phone on 08 8981 3628.  If you would like to join us you can fill in a 2018-youth-membership-app with your parent or guardian.