Darwin District Girl Guides - Monkani Guide Hall

Darwin Sugar Gliders - Guides 5 - 9 years

Darwin Rosella Guides - Guides 10 - 14 yrs

Darwin Phoenix Guides - Guides 14 -18 yrs

Parap Guide Hall

Darwin Rainforest Guides
Guides 5 to 9 yrs

Darwin Guides
Guides 9 to 14 yrs

Litchfield/Palmerston District Girl Guides

Humtpy Doo Brumby Guides
Guides 5 to 14 years

Palmerston Girl Guides
Guides 5 to 14 years

Katherine District Girl Guides

Katherine Guide Hall
Katherine Guides
Guides 5 - 11 yrs

Tennant Creek District Girl Guides

​Tennant Creek Guide Hall (Currently meets at the Show Grounds Pavillon Sheds)

Tennant Creek Unicorn Guides
Guides 5 to 7 years

Tennant Creek Eagle Guides
Guides 8 to 12 years

Tennant Creek Redback Guides
Guides 12 to 14 yrs

Alice Springs Guide Hall

Alice Springs Outback Guides
Guides 7 - 10 years

Alice Springs Gum Leaf Guides
Guides 5 to 7 years

Alice Springs MacDonnell Guides
Guides 7 to 10 yrs

Alice Springs Guides
Guides 11 to 18 years

Alice Springs Support Group
Meets on the 4th Wednesday of each month at 7pm at the Alice Springs Guide Hall
Alice Springs Girl Guide website:


Jabiru Guides
Guides 10 to 14 years

Olave Program

Our 18-30s Program is all about personal development and offers everything from social network to providing a voice for girls and young women. Olave Program participants also have fun and challenge themselves to do their best. The program is flexible, so you get to choose a level of participation that suits your lifestyle. Participants develop career skills, form friendships that last a lifetime and make a difference in the world.

Trefoil Guild - "Guiding Is for Life"

​The Trefoil Guild is an adult section of the Guide Movement to which the following can belong:
Women who hold or have held warrants or appointments within Girl Guides Australia; active or retired female support group members who have made the Guide Promise.
The Trefoil Guild offers opportunities to widen horizons and friendships, extend international contacts, give service to guiding and the community and benefit from close association of others in the fellowship of Guiding.
The Northern Territory has two Trefoil Guilds - the first located in Alice Springs (Central Australia TG) and the second located in the Top End (Northern Australia TG).