What is Girl Guides?

Welcome to Girl Guides NT. Whether you are an existing Member or a visitor to our website—we are delighted you have come 5f3241_de4882eaf535450fbc159b742171f616to visit our Organisation and do hope you enjoy learning more about us. Please take time to explore this site and find out about the array of opportunities and experiences Guiding offers girls from 5–17 years and women from 18 years. Guiding is an inter-generational organisation open to all, so no matter what your age, there is something for you!

Guiding is about self-confidence, leadership and teamwork. We empower girls and young women to speak out and take action on the issues they care about locally, nationally and globally. We provide a unique girls only space and are relevant to today's girls. We promote diversity and equality and are committed to giving girls and young women a voice. As part of a global movement, our committed volunteers make Guiding happen.

Girl Guides in Australia is community based and meets outside school hours. By meeting locally with their peers, our girls have fun, develop friendships, experience adventure and challenge themselves to try new things by stepping outside of their comfort zone. They become a member of a small team (Patrol) within their Unit which builds a sense of belonging, encourages teamwork, helping girls to grow in confidence and have a voice. With the support of amazing team of volunteer female leaders (yes you can be one), Guides enables girls and young women to grow into confident, self- respecting, responsible community members.

By being part of a global movement, the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, we have access to cutting edge contemporary projects with a focus on leadership and creating opportunities so “all girls are valued and take action to change the world”.

Our organisation is part of Girl Guides Australia, one of 145 member countries in the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS). This means we share the ideals and resources of 10 million members worldwide, and members have the chance to experience international events, projects and friendships.

Visit Girl Guides Australia http://www.girlguides.org.au